About CAKE Productions (Cornwall)

We are an independent live theatre and film production company based, as you may have guessed from our name, in Cornwall.

CAKE Productions grew out of a very successful new writing reading and feedback service that was set up in April 2009.

Over the intervening two and a half years we have read and offered free feedback to a large number of playwrights based in Cornwall and surrounding south west counties.

This year, we have produced work by four writers.  To date we have focussed on new writing, but plans are now in the pipeline for CAKE’s interpretation of an established work.

We also work with other theatre companies – professional and amateur – helping them to produce work.  We have a particular love for whacky but relevant shows.   We choose the word ‘show’ so that we don’t exclude non-traditional theatrical events that may not be straight theatre.

CAKE Productions firmly believes that in the current climate, the only way forward is to work together.

We don’t have a mission statement, but if we did, it might be something like:

‘Save the hyperbole for the stage’ or ‘Never use an adjective in your marketing guff that you can’t live up to.’


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