Good turnout for The Minack

Despite some challenging weather conditions, a wonderful crowd turned out for our final performance of Devon and Demelza this side of the summer.

For a young company like CAKE, taking a brand new show out on tour was always going to be a bit of an unknown. Forget the fringe-festival-type  rationalisations: ‘I’m an artist, I don’t care if no one turns up’ – we wanted an audience at EVERY venue on EVERY night.

And that’s what we achieved.

Ours was – by choice – an unfunded venture, and so we needed ticket sales to pay actors’ wages.  But more than that, we wanted a RESPONSE. 

We had a very, very enthusiastic audience at the Hall for Gwinear, with many audience members coming up after the show asking about the writer (for the right reasons), wanting to know where they could see the show again, and generally enthusing about the opening performance.

Opening night at BIKE SHED THEATRE, Exeter was slightly different.  We had the response alright, but as half the audience didn’t have English as a first language, we had the translator giving the response – and a translation of the lines – mid-show!

Apart from the weather at The Minack, other challenges the company had to face was a fire alarm going off and the theatre having to be cleared (Bike Shed), the set remover going AWOL (without the set, fortunately), and a double booking in St Austell that meant we had to rehearse to the background of ‘Oggy oggy oi oi oi’ from dozens of rugby players (you had to be there to get the full effect of that one!),

There will be further performances of Devon and Demelza, but for now CAKE Productions is starting work on our next show which will be touring the fringe festivals next year before heading to the biggy in Edinburgh.

And we do care if no one turns up!!!