Devon and Demelza head for St Austell!!!

DEVON and DEMELZA     Sunday 22nd April   7.30pm     St Austell Rugby Club  £5.00

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Following the break-up of her marriage,   Devon returns to the home of her birth, a home her sister, Demelza, has never left.

Until now, Devon’s world has been one of glamour:  international travel, property portfolios and cocktail parties.  Demelza’s world is small, but vital to her: the house she shared with her recently deceased father, a passion for her potato patch, and an obsession with completing jigsaw puzzles against the clock. 

Despite their sibling rivalry, the sisters have a strong bond, but when a Community Risk Advisor arrives and declares Demelza’s potato patch a national hazard,   their world is changed forever.

The official soon gets his feet well ‘under-the-table’, and tensions start to escalate.

As events conspire against her, Demelza discovers that even in the age of cyberspace, it’s land that people will kill for.


This satire with a surreal edge can be enjoyed at several levels,   and affectionately parodies the relationship between Devon, Cornwall and Westminster.

9 years +

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Jill Greenacre as Devon  Jill’s impressive career includes 90s sitcom, ‘The Brittas Empire’ and ‘The Man in the Red Scarf’, a new play about controversial artist Robert Lenkievwicz.  She has also recently starred in two full length feature films:  “Black Smoke Rising’ and ‘Hard Shoulder’, a psychological thriller. Jill also produces radio dramas for Radio St Austell Bay.


Jenny Beare as Demelza  Jenny is a Cornish actor who has worked on a number of productions in the county for Grinning Gargoyle Theatre Company, Hookline Theatre, Scary Little Girls and most recently One Darke Night for O-Region. Her film credits include Penny in Happy Christmas directed by Mark Jenkin and Tamara in ‘Tamara’ – a Cornish language short premiered at the 2011 Cornish Film Festival.


James Care as Simon and McD  James studied English and Drama at Winchester University, then followed this with a training at the Rep College Theatre School in Reading, before returning to his home town of  Redruth, in Cornwall.   James’ credits include Cliff Lewis, in Osborne’s Look Back in Anger, Father, in Lorca’s Blood Wedding, and the Earthworm in James and the Giant Peach.


Elaine Ruth White is a playwright and librettist.  Previous productions include Around the World in 80 Days, a stage adaptation for the Dream Team theatre company; a new libretto for Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’, set in the 1920s, for Bike Shed Theatre; ‘One Day, Two Dawns’, for English Touring Opera; and ‘United’ for the BBC.  Elaine is also a published non-fiction writer. This is the second production she has directed. 

Devon and Demelza’ is a highly topical show inspired by a live political  issue – the Devonwall proposal*. At the same time, the play revolves around universal themes: attachment, love, loss, fear and sibling rivalry.

*Devonwall is a jocular name used for a proposed Parliamentary constituency that would transgress the border and combine parts of Devon and Cornwall.


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