DEVON and DEMELZA premiere




Premiere at Sterts Theatre, Upton Cross, Liskeard 


Oh, what a night! What a night it was! 


As an independent theatre company, we had boxes to tick with our brand new production – but not the kind of boxes demanded by the likes of the Arts Council!


Top of our list was to engage and entertain our audience – and, according to feedback, TICK!


It was an absolute delight as the audience applauded every scene in the first act – a great credit to our actors.


Audience members also gave positive feedback to members of the CAKE team and also Sterts Theatre staff, resulting in an invite to take the show back next year.


High on our list was the learning process. We needed to understand how the show could be strengthened, particularly from a script and directing point of view. TICK!


Over the next few months we will be working on the show in time for the Easter 2012 tour – dates to follow, so keep an eye on our site.


Next on our list was to engage with young, less experienced practitioners, to give them a foot on their career ladder. To give them a solid credit on their CV. TICK!


We employed the talents of a newly qualified make up artist and choreographer who both did an amazing job.


For me, one of the most important boxes to tick was to have fun – a box you would never see on an ACE grant application. But what is theatre about if it isn’t enjoyable for those concerned?


Right from the off, going back to the auditions, the process, regardless of stresses, should have a fun element.



DEVON and DEMELZA will be touring Cornwall from Easter weekend 2012.  Dates to follow.