Here we go!

Theatre is a lot like watersports!

It can be like surfing – one man or woman, fearlessly riding a board on a gathering wave.

It can be like scuba diving – a kit-heavy, two-hander that plumbs intoxicating depths.

It can be like synchronised swimming – poetic, seemingly effortless, an ensemble in perfect harmony.

Or it can be like splashing around in a puddle with your wellies on! Spontaneous, innocent and FUN.

Our first production was just this.  Commissioned to put on a theatre event at the Fal River Festival in Falmouth, Cornwall, we caused the biggest splash we could to give our commissioners the best value money could buy.

Taking 4 new pieces of writing – 3 x 3-minute plays and 1 x 30-minute play, we provided a daytime event of guerilla theatre, followed by an evening’s theatre aboard ship as it cruised around the River Fal.

Under the gaze of the mighty floating luxury that is the World –  see – our much humbler vessel with its two-man crew (and proper handsome sailors they were) set off with a cast of three, a director and a courageous audience.


Running To Stand Still – Marc Leverton

Everyone Wants To Be Somewhere Else – Peter John Cooper

The Cull – Neil A Edwards

The State Of The Pavement – Elaine Ruth White

To commission CAKE Productions, just get in touch and see what value-for-money event we can provide for you.